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Empower Yourself and
Advocate for Affordable Access

Take Action and Advocate for Affordable Access for Those Under Your Care

Diabetes can be a complex and challenging disease for both the person that is diagnosed and caregivers. When a person with diabetes has been denied affordable access to the management technology of choice, it can seem even more overwhelming. Caregivers can empower themselves by taking action and advocating for affordable access to the latest medical advances and cutting-edge technology on behalf of their loved one.

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If you prefer to write your own letter instead of using the form above, just download our template to get started. You can send this as a letter or email to an insurance provider and demand affordable access to the treatment that you and a healthcare professional have identified as the next step in managing your loved one’s diabetes.

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Tips for Advocacy:

Sharing their story

Cynthia Dietle and Jackson Norris

Mom and Caregiver, Cynthia Dietle understands that it can be distressing when an insurance provider is making judgements about what is good for a person with diabetes without considering the unique needs of that person. As an advocate for her son Jackson, Cynthia believes that asking questions, seeking answers and educating those who will listen is the best path forward toward ensuring a healthy, safe and productive life for her child.


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Arm yourself with resources and tips to enhance your knowledge of how to advocate.

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