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Advocate for access to treatment by bringing your treatment recommendations directly to insurance providers. Your support can help those living with diabetes, and those who care for them, receive the best possible treatment.

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If you prefer to write your own letter instead of using the form above, just download our template to get started. This letter helps you share with insurance providers why you are recommending your patient for the latest medical advancements or cutting-edge technology.

Download the Template for Omnipod® 5 Download the Template for Omnipod DASH®

Tips for Advocacy:



*The National Drug Code Directory lists all over the counter and prescription products in the United States, including diabetes treatment technologies like Omnipod. The NDC number is a unique number that helps identify products in the United States, containing information about the manufacturer, the product, and the packaging. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes a regularly updated list of all NDC numbers.

Sharing their story

Stewart Perry

Stewart has lived with diabetes for over 30 years. The growth in treatment and technology over that time has convinced Stewart that having diabetes is a condition to be managed, which is why he advocates. Access to these treatments means more people able to better control their condition and live life to the fullest. Through powerful storytelling and showing everyone from the insurance company to sitting congressional representatives what a day in the life of a diabetic is like, Stewart knows that by standing up and exercising your right to be counted for what matters, every person can have an impact on the future treatment of diabetes through advocacy.


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Arm yourself with resources and tips to enhance your knowledge of how to advocate.

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