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It’s Time to Demand Coverage
& Advocate for Access

Accelerate Access for People with Diabetes

People with diabetes should have the opportunity to work with their healthcare professional to determine the best treatment option for their health and lifestyle. It’s time to demand coverage and advocate for access to the latest medical advances and cutting-edge technology. By using the resources on this site, we aim to empower and educate those living with and managing diabetes today, so that they can spark change for those diagnosed tomorrow.

Share Your Voice

If you prefer to write your own letter instead of using the form above, just download our template to get started. You can send this as a letter or email to an insurance provider and demand affordable access to the treatment that you and a healthcare professional have identified as the next step in managing your diabetes.

Download the Template

Tips for Advocacy:

Sharing their story

Charlie Iacono, Diabetes Advocate

Charlie Iacono, a long term advocate, encourages people with diabetes to advocate for their therapy and technology by remaining articulate and making a case for their needs with the insurance company. Despite the emotion that is involved, he encourages people with diabetes to be relentless and passionate. 


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Helpful Resources

Arm yourself with resources and tips to enhance your knowledge of how to advocate.

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