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Affordable Access

Your Support is Essential to Achieve Affordable Access to the Latest Diabetes Technology

Diabetes is a complex and challenging disease, the management of which happens primarily in the lived world, the home, school and work environment. Supporters are an important resource that can be leveraged to improve health outcomes, especially when advocating for access to the latest medical advances and cutting-edge technology.

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If you prefer to write your own letter instead of using the form above, just download our template to get started.

Download the Template for Omnipod® 5 Download the Template for Omnipod DASH®

Tips for Advocacy:

Sharing their story

Make Your Voice Heard – Advocate for People with Diabetes

Charlie Iacono, Diabetes Advocate; Teresa Miller, JDRF Board Member, Caregiver and Mom; Kelly Reilly, CDE, RN and Trent and Cindy Wright all encourage people with diabetes to speak up and make their voice heard toward insurance companies. Take that first step towards advocacy and be persistent – your voice can make a difference. 


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Helpful Resources

Arm yourself with resources and tips to enhance your knowledge of how to advocate.

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