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Learn How to Become
an Effective Advocate

Be Your Own Best Advocate

Living with diabetes can be overwhelming. Getting affordable access to the treatment of your choice should not be an additional barrier. Learn how to become an effective advocate so that you can gain access to the treatment that you and your healthcare professional determine to be best suited for you or your loved one’s health and lifestyle.

What does it mean to be an advocate?

We can all be advocates for those living with diabetes. With each of us dedicated to advocating for access to the latest medical advances and cutting edge technologies, the best possible care and treatment can become a reality. 

Better navigate the healthcare system

Find support from the community

Learn what questions to ask

Find the best care possible

Make Your Voice Heard

No one knows your story better than you. Every person living with diabetes has a unique point of view and each opinion sheds new light on a universal problem. Share your journey – the struggles, the challenges, the issues – not just for your own care, but for the future care of others living with diabetes. 


How to Share Your Story

Sharing their story

Kelly Reilly, CDE, RN, Diabetes Educator living with Diabetes

Kelly Reilly, diabetes educator, shares personal insights on the importance and persistence needed in advocating for herself and on behalf of her patients. She provides her patients with knowledge and support on how to effectively advocate for the therapy and technology needed to successfully manage their diabetes.

Navigating the Appeals Process

Getting the best care should not be dictated by pricey claims and coverage refusal. You have the right to appeal your health insurer’s decision. We’ll show you how.


Learn How

Take Action

Advocate for the change you want to see, for yourself and for future individuals living with diabetes. A few steps can create positive change for affordable access. 

Take Action